Paper Fire Rookie

2D Art Lead


Lucy was one of the driving forces behind Ultimerse's debut title Paper, Fire, Rookie. Overseeing the project's conceptual development, art pipelines,

re-brands, textures, and seasonal updates. 

Lucy wanted the project to have an authentic craft feel. Working in collaboration with the talented 3D team, they created, characters with a unique paper aesthetic that appealed to a broad audience of seasoned VR players and those looking to dive in for the first time.

The project was the winner of the Australian Game Developer Award's VR Game of the Year.

You can purchase Paper, Fire, Rookie on steam

Paper Fire Rookie Arcade

Art Lead


Lucy re-visited Paper, Fire Rookie post release and acted as art lead on bringing the project to Asian, European and American arcade audiences.


A number of crucial changes were made to the project to prepare it for public VR arcades including new menu systems, branding, and visual tweaks.


The project was launched with incredible success and is now available to play across several arcade chains and independent locations.

You can purchase Paper, Fire, Rookie on steam

Untitled Project

2D Art Lead


Lucy is currently acting as the 2D art lead on an untitled Ultimerse project.

The project promises to be an ambitious one and has Lucy chasing rabbits down some pretty spooky holes

While she works on producing art pipelines, conceptual development, user-interface design, style guides, and research.


She hopes to share more with you all soon.


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