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Lucy Mutimer


Lucy Mutimer is a 2D game artist from Melbourne, Australia whose life has a killer soundtrack and too much caffeine.

Lucy has been a proud 2D games artist for 6+ years and wouldn't have it any other way, even if they did offer her the entire Copic marker collection.  She has worked with studios such as Lumi Interactive, Vectorstorm, Normal Wholesome, and Ultimerse to make their art snap, crackle and pop! and has even chatted about it and won an AGDA along the way.

Her illustrations and design work has been commissioned by clients such as World Vision Australia, Lush Cosmetics, various apparel brands, and in editorials.

Simply put, Lucy loves to create cool things with cool people, find out how she can help you with your next venture 

If you'd like to chat to her, you can reach Lucy at:

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