Lucy Mutimer


Lucy Mutimer is a 2D game artist from Melbourne, Australia whose life has a killer soundtrack and too much caffeine.

She is obsessive about bold colours and bringing traditional art theory into digital spaces, she'll also happily talk your ear off about comic books.

She lives and breathes the Adobe creative suite, Procreate, and even has Unity experience.

Lucy has been a proud 2D games artist for the past 5 years, helping craft worlds and develop visual identities for games and other projects by bringing her unique perspective as an illustrator to give projects a creative aesthetic. She currently works at Ultimerse in Melbourne where she helped bring cardboard people to life in Paper, Fire Rookie, made UFO's fly with the studio's branding, and added some spooky flair to upcoming projects.

Her illustrations and design work has been commissioned by clients such as World Vision Australia, Lush, various apparel brands, and in editorials.

Simply put, Lucy loves to create cool things, find out how she can help you with your next venture 

If you'd like to chat to her, you can reach Lucy at: heylucymutimer@gmail.com